Who's Mags?

Meet the Heart Behind Made by Mags!

Welcome to my Made by Mags, a reflection of my lifelong passion for handcrafting skincare products. What began as a little personal hobby has blossomed into a mission to create affordable, organic, and ethical products that promote wellness and self-care.

My journey started eons ago, making skincare products just for myself. The process was not only relaxing but incredibly fulfilling. It ignited a passion within me to share this joy with others, and Made by Mags was born.

With a commitment to quality and a love for all things natural, I'm here to offer you products that nourish both body and soul. And with your support, I believe we can make a positive impact together. Join me in embracing the beauty of handmade elegance, and let's make self-care a delightful experience for all!"

I stumbled on this giant cotton filled yarn, that i thought was so cute and inspired me to revisit an old hobby - crochet- and just like that the unique bags you know and love were born!